Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Don't Get Steamed, Use G.D.T. Heating Solutions

            G.D.T. Associates, Inc is a manufacturer's representative that has been specializing in steam heating solutions for 25 years, with products that have been implemented across New York in a variety of illustrious buildings and landmarks. By working with consulting engineers, wholesalers, mechanical contractors, and building management personnel, G.D.T. creates and employs solutions to overcome the challenges of energy efficient steam distribution. The senior staff of G.D.T. boasts over 100 years combined  experience in the field, ensuring that they are able to diagnose and solve the problems that may arise in any steam heating system. If you are in need of steam heating solutions in NYC, they are the ones to call. 
            G.D.T. proudly uses the Barnes & Jones steam trap and radiator valves to allow for virtually effortless control of flow throughout steam heating systems, combining heavy duty machinery with unparalleled ease of use. Additionally, Skidmore vacuum and condensate handling systems offered by G.D.T. are at the cutting edge of efficient distribution and flow of your heating systems. Knowing how to turn heating problems into NYC steam heating solutions is making G.D.T. the company of choice for the parts used in the steam heating systems of buildings such as the Park View, The Brooklyn Superior Court, Brooklyn College, as well as hundreds of schools in NYC, we are the definitive service for steam heating solutions on the Upper East Side.

            G.D.T. guarantees efficient steam heating systems and solutions in NYC and is at the forefront of creating new ways to fix problems with steam heating. To talk to a steam heating expert and learn more about what G.D.T. can do for you, call 212-466-3126.

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